What is Coins for Kids?

Coins for Kids turns your spare change into opportunity for underprivileged children in Central Florida. Every coin we collect helps:

  1. Sponsor a child in need, allowing them to play the organized club sport of their choice. Current sports available are baseball, soccer, football and basketball.
  2. Fund educational courses and coaching sessions to teach lifelong athletic injury prevention to coaches, parents and young athletes.

 Every coin matters because every child matters.

How to Help

Donate your spare change in-office
Donate Online
Spread the word on Facebook

Donate Today

Where Your Funds Go

  • Youth Sports Camp

  • Injury Prevention Programs

  • Sports Equipment

Coins in Action

Coins for Kids In Action

Since 2011, Coins for Kids has helped hundreds of underserved area children experience the joy of playing sports, being part of a team and competing against their peers.

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"Coins for Kids has done great things for my kids and I feel they have provided them with opportunities we never would've been able to. We're so thankful for the program."

− Todd, Coins for Kids Parent

"Not only has Coins given my daughter the opportunity to play, but it's also taught her a lot about safety and how to avoid injuries. It's a great resource and I'm happy Sophie has been able to be a part of it."

− Lisa, Coins for Kids Parent

"Coins for Kids is just great for my boys. They get exposed to a lot of different sports and people and they seem to learn something new every day. I love it."

− Samantha, Coins for Kids Parent
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